Roos Farms
Ray & Renee Roos

Home Grown~Pasture Raised
Beef Cattle, Market Hogs
Turkeys, Chickens & Ducks

Ryman Style and Field Stock
FDSB Registered English Setters

Market Hogs & Feeder Pigs

Our farrowing barn is busy - we started having piglets December 1st! As of January 6th we have three healthy litters on the ground. They are all vaccinated and clipped. We are expecting a total of seven more litters by early March.
Our sows that are farrowing are purebred Duroc, purebred Berkshire, purebred Hampshire and crosses. Our boars are a registered Hereford,  a purebred Hampshire, a bluebut and an old spot.
Please contact us for availability and pricing. Discounts given for orders over five piglets.

We will also have fat hogs available late winter / early spring and throughout the summer. Perfect to fill your freezer, or for a family pig roast.
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